Alloire Holdings

At Alloire, our mission is to make a positive global impact. We believe in conscious values, and are convinced that who we surround ourselves with is a reflection on who we are ourselves. That’s why we strive to partner with companies and organizations whose core values align closely with our own.

We seek out and actively pursue partnerships with brands who are:

What this means for you:

Since we only work with those we can confidently align with, we’re excited to put our skin in the game and invest in our partners as a way of betting on ourselves and our discernment.

We can become partners in and support your growth by offering alternative methods to traditional marketing retainers. Alloire Holdings can take equity in the form of angel investing, preferred stock, and other investment actions that align with your needs. We’ll discuss each arrangement on a case by case basis and come to a final arrangement that works best for both of us.

Ask us about Alloire Holdings to find out if it’s right for you. We can help you launch your company, scale at speed, and achieve your goals with equity used as a way to manage CAPEX costs. Once you connect, we can lay out a roadmap of marketing strategy and markers for growth, and have a dialogue about the scope of work and equity needed to get you there.

Are you ready for a partner who is as invested as you are?

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