Cutting Through the Digital Noise: Choosing Originality Over Generality

Are you creating marketing goals that aren’t being met or feeling exhausted because your digital presence isn’t succeeding in the way you had hoped? Increased media use, generic marketing content, and misuse of statistical analysis is making “noise” in the field of digital marketing. This noise is creating new challenges, asking brands to generate more innovative strategies and produce content that truly stands out from the rest. Simply having a digital presence is no longer good enough, your online presence has to be exceptional for it to be acceptable in 2021.

The noise being created in the digital world is distracting customers, with an overload of posts taking up space that could be filled with intentional, proven marketing strategies. There are 95 million Instagram posts made each day, so brands must find a way to make their accounts unique. Now more than ever, it’s important for companies to be creating content which effectively reaches their target audiences, so that customers are receiving unique messages that speak to both their inboxes and psyches. The Alloire team uses proven marketing strategies to ensure that the right customers are getting the right content, prompting sales and creating loyal customers.

Creating unique content for your specific audience is essential in differentiating your brand’s voice. Many advertising strategies are worn out, causing consumers to become uninterested. Brands must adapt to this challenge, utilizing effective tools to ensure their individual outreach aligns with core goals and business objectives. Incorporating intentionality into your marketing practices is one of the best ways to create memorable campaigns and reach those that are ready to hear your message.

One of the best ways to add credibility and originality to your brand is to leverage your management team or c-suite, encouraging them to speak directly to your audience. Customers want to hear from reliable sources, so letting them interact with the core members of your brand is an excellent way to increase engagement. 

Finding the right marketing and outreach tools is an essential when creating efficient strategies. One of the biggest resources that brands can use is social media. While utilizing social media is hardly a genius idea, there are various strategies and content tactics that can be used to increase your brand’s following and build market awareness. One of the biggest benefits of social media allows brands to tailor content to their target audiences, while gathering important data and statistics that reflect how it’s being received.

The instant feedback that social media provides allows brands to make decisions based on real time numbers, so that strategies can be implemented and improved. Valuable information is now available at the click of a button, but in order for it to be utilizational, brands must learn how to incorporate those statistics into actionable goals. Being able to effectively integrate information is essential in creating marketable content which proliferates your brand’s mission and invites both loyal followers and new customers to be part of your goals.

Social media has created increased opportunities for marketing, but with that has come oversaturation. The challenge for companies lies in meeting that oversaturation with originality and creativity, so that your voice is represented in an authentic, memorable way. Creating this experience for your target audience will help your social media stand apart from the rest, leaving them coming back for more content which appeals to their individualistic view.

Social media creates unprecedented opportunities to learn about your audience, which means content can be geared towards various demographics. Creating incredibly specific content is an excellent way to turn those that are strangers to your brand into long time followers. Social media users want to feel seen, heard, and important, so make that happen by creating content specifically for them.

Many brands beginning in social media will create accounts on every platform and attempt to draw in their audience through mediocre content spread across a wide variety of accounts. In actuality, it’s often more effective to pick one or two social media channels and focus solely on them. By doing this, brands can create exceptional content geared towards the proven practices of their chosen platform, maximizing its specific benefits. Choosing a few platforms to dominate is an excellent way to initially grow your following and learn more about your audience. At Alloire, we understand that it can be difficult to break into a competitive niche. Markets are expanding to meet new customer needs, which gives even more opportunities for marketing. Learning how to maximize your marketing is essential in creating a successful business that reaches your target audience. If you’re wondering how to set your brand apart from the rest and cut through the digital noise, schedule a discussion with the Alloire team.

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