Five Ways Your Business Can Leverage SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows your business website to show up high in results on search engines like Google. SEO involves both on and offsite website strategies. At Alloire, we believe in a comprehensive approach to help you rank your content in search and gain online visibility for your brand.

Meta Tagging

Meta tags help Google identify your website and understand what your focus and offerings are. Google shows listings based on meta tags used throughout your website. The most important meta tags are:

Title tags

Title tags show up as the main line in the Google listing, and also in the browser tab. A title tag is most effective when it is 6-7 words long. Your title tag should be grammatically correct and contain adjectives that describe your business focus.

Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions show up right under title tags in the search results. These should be around 140 characters, so they don’t get truncated, or cut off in the middle. Again, use proper grammar and descriptive adjectives for maximum appeal and impact on viewers.

The Alloire web development team ensures your site has the right title tags and meta descriptions to satisfy Google’s SEO expectations.

Keyword Usage

Your SEO keywords should reflect the types of phrases people type into Google when they are looking for something. Simple keyword phrases would be terms like “dog toys” or “tax professional.” These are extremely competitive keywords, but have high search volume. 

“Long-tail” keyphrases can include additional clarifying words, like “large breed hypoallergenic dog toys” or geographic specifics like “tax professional Dallas, Texas.” These don’t have as high of search volume, but aren’t as competitive, either.

You need a mix of short and long-tail keywords and phrases to help Google understand your website and match it to consumer queries. You should include keywords in your meta tags, image descriptions, headers, subheaders, content body, and more.

The Alloire SEO team completes keyword research and develops a plan to ensure your website can be accurately matched to consumer searches.

Content Creation

Once your keywords are selected, content creation is the next step to convincing Google you are the best option for people seeking your offered product or service.  However, imbuing your content with SEO power is just one side of the equation.

Your content must also be relevant to the consumer’s needs, providing informational or educational value. It should be easy to read and understand, with plenty of subheadings, bulleted lists, and helpful links to additional supporting documentation from authority sources. 

Your content can be published on your website, blog, or third party platforms, and shared on social media. It can be repurposed to create infographics, email blasts, and downloadable whitepapers. Content is how you communicate with your target audience.

The Alloire content development team crafts clear, compelling SEO copy that ranks well in search and converts web visitors into customers.

Image Optimization 

The images you use on your website, blogs, and social platforms are just as important as your text-based content. You’ll need high quality images that reflect your brand, and professional graphics that guide the eye.

All of your images should be optimized so any online user can understand them. This means adding text to image modules that can be read by a screen reader, so those with vision issues can still get the full experience of your website. Descriptive text can be used in captions and as “alt text.”

Optimizing your images also has SEO benefit. You can use image descriptions, captions, and alt text to further inform Google about the nature and purpose of your website.

The Alloire graphics and design team creates impactful visuals and optimizes them to ensure maximum SEO efficiency and the best possible experience for all online users.

Social Media

Your brand will be discussed online with or without your input. By joining the conversation, you have some measure of control over its direction. Establishing and maintaining social media profiles creates organic channels through which you can communicate with your customer base.

Hashtags and keywords enhance the SEO value of your social media posts, as do links back to your website or blog. Social media also provides opportunities for paid advertising. You can create campaigns, test them against each other, and drive traffic to high conversion pages on your website to increase revenues. 

The Alloire social media team develops and manages organic and paid social media campaigns to increase your online visibility and boost SEO efforts.Are you ready to find out what proper SEO can do for your business? Contact Alloire today.

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