Five ways your company can utilize email marketing more effectively

Are your emails being opened, read, and acted on? Or does each blast seem to go out into the ether, never to be referenced again? Maximizing the value of your email list means carefully segmenting it and A/B split testing different approaches across your different audiences. Frequency, length of email, type of subject line, and relevance of content will all be factors in the effectiveness of your email campaign.

At Alloire, we specialize in creating powerful email campaigns, using data driven decision making to leverage what we know about our clients’ core audience and offerings. Then we work on making each email relatable to the target demographic. While segmented data is important, the personal touch is just as vital when it comes to the impact your emails will have. 

Here are five ways you can improve the relevancy of your emails for more effective campaigns:  

1: Be authentically empathetic

While your email should present a solution to a problem faced by your recipient, it should do so with compassion and understanding. Be comforting about the problem or challenges they are facing, and address their feelings before launching into a play-by-play of your solution. 

2: Provide extra service

While you may be focused on presenting your core service offering, look for other ways to be helpful. Are there adjacent problems or even unrelated ones you can help resolve? Helping to smooth the way for your customers in other respects can make them more open to trying your main solution. Look for ways to provide resources and tools that give them even more value.

3: Get personal

Show that you know your target demographic by recognizing their personal struggles, wants, and needs. Your email database can provide you with insights into name, age, and position, letting you reach them on a personalized level. Something as simple as using a job function over a job title can make your recipient feel seen, and that you understand their day to day challenges. 

4: Use humor

Appropriate humor can go a long way towards breaking the ice. Don’t be afraid to relax a little bit and insert some genuine humanity into your emails. You can use humor and still come off as fully professional. Look to major airlines, retail enterprises, and boutique brands for inspiration.

5: Strive for originality

Your customers likely receive hundreds of emails every week. Being original in both your subject line and your email body is critical. At Alloire, we create bespoke email layouts that step away from traditional cookie cutter templates and use color and vivid imagery to get your point across and prompt action. Making your emails pop out in the inbox is key to more eyes-on.By paying attention not only to the data side of your email lists, but the personal side, you can increase open rates and boost interactions. If you’d like to learn more about how email marketing can benefit your organization, contact Alloire today.

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