Incorporating Effective Surveys Into Your Brand’s Marketing Strategy

One of the most important parts of existing in today’s business world is being able to identify and incorporate efficient tools. Whether you’re in marketing, branding or production, it’s important that professionals have access to the resources they need to increase their productivity and better engage with their target audiences. Finding these tools can be complicated and often requires trial and error. 

Surveys are one of the most helpful tools that are often overlooked. Many businesses are constantly searching for the newest solutions and may fail to consider surveys. Yes, surveys have existed for a long time, but they’re one of the most proven and effective tools to measure your engagement and success. If you’re looking for ways to improve your business, consider surveys as an excellent avenue for doing so.

For years, various brands have been utilizing surveys, but the tactic is still somewhat shrouded in mystery. Knowing how to create an effective, engaging survey can be difficult, as it’s not something that’s widely discussed. Consumers are used to seeing survey announcements on receipts, so it’s up to businesses to create new ways to introduce this advertising and marketing opportunity into the lives of their customers.

Surveys are essential

Understanding how to effectively and efficiently use surveys is essential in making sure your research aligns with your goals. Identifying business goals will help you ask the right questions, which is what surveys are all about. If you’re wondering how to create an effective survey, start by thinking about what your brand is all about. 

What are the core values that you strive for? What goals drive your pursuit of success? What does success really mean to you?

Before you give customers a survey, you have to be able to ask yourself questions. At Alloire, we place an emphasis on introspection and understanding your brand fully. Once you’ve been able to answer the difficult questions yourself, you can use that information to craft surveys that truly represent what you want to know from your customers.

Market research is essential in understanding where your brand fits in and where it’s going to perform best. Learning more about your competitors, as well as how your customers view you in relation to them, will provide valuable insights into how you’re perceived within your field. One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is ignoring their competitors. In actuality, competitors provide a wide variety of information and specifics about how to succeed. History repeats itself, so make sure to pay attention and use all the information received to boost your brand.

The different types of surveys

Surveys are a very broad category, but one that has unlimited potential. There are so many different types of surveys, so it’s important to be able to critically evaluate them and select which one works best for your brand in various situations.

Customer satisfaction surveys are perhaps the most well known. Whether they’re on a receipt or incentivized with a sale, this type of survey allows you to get the feedback you need to improve your brand.

Employee surveys are often overlooked, but one of the most important tools to incorporate into your business structure. Alloire priorities our Team Happiness Index. Staying in touch with our team is an important part of what we do, so that our employees are enjoying their jobs and feeling fulfilled. 

Brand perception surveys allow you to understand the thinking of your target audience and get a glimpse into their psyche. How your audience perceives you is extremely important to the furthering of your image, your brand, and your goals. This type of survey allows you to understand how you can improve and adapt to move your image closer to where you want it to be.

Maximizing the power of surveys

Understanding how to create and deploy efficient surveys is essential. Feedback is one of the most powerful tools a brand has, so crafting intentional surveys can be part of achieving your goals and understanding what it will take to do so.

While there are some platforms, such as SurveyMonkey, that were created specifically for surveys, there are other options which should be considered as well. One of the most accessible and simple survey platforms is Instagram. This social media option allows individuals to get data back fast from their audience. Instagram is one of the most popular and powerful platforms currently available, so don’t overlook its potential.

The only way to effectively use surveys is to understand and integrate the data they provide. Different apps can simplify the analytical process, but it’s up to human minds to be able to turn the data into actionable goals. Without utilizing the feedback you receive, surveys are pointless.

One of the marks of a good business is being able to evolve. As our culture changes and shifts, brands must be able to keep up with this fluctuation. The ability to evolve shows that a business will stand the test of time. 

If you’re interested in learning about how Alloire utilizes surveys to boost the brands we collaborate with and fulfill their business goals, reach out today. We’re passionate about helping others succeed, so our team is here to discuss what Alloire could mean for your business.

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