TikTok & Instagram Reels: The 15 Second Future

TikTok’s prank videos account for more than 121.1 billion views, but did you know the app could be the key to your business’s online success? With the rise of the digital age, users are turning to social media for entertainment, connection, and shopping. Modern businesses must work with this shift, utilizing innovative tools and creating inspired strategies to maximize brand exposure.  

If you’re wondering how to build connections with your target audience and provide relevant content, take advantage of the video posting opportunities presented by TikTok and Instagram Reels.


Understanding TikTok is fundamental to leveraging your business’s digital presence and increasing younger demographic engagement. The platform, primarily known for its dances and plethora of viral content, allows users to upload a video up to sixty seconds long.  

Since its beginning in 2016, TikTok has launched careers and created a whole new type of fame. One of the primary reasons for the app’s popularity is its high level of engagement potential. It provides a remarkable amount of opportunities for users to “react” to videos by filming a response, leaving comments, and promoting their favorite content.  

TikTok’s ability to incorporate users seamlessly is one of the many reasons it’s becoming a primary source for company advertising and business growth.

Instagram Reels

Instagram is one of the most used apps today, as its continual addition of new features keeps users interested and engaged. Businesses have been promoting on Instagram for years, utilizing the ability to post promotional content and quickly gain large amounts of followers. With the addition of Reels, companies need to reevaluate their creative approach, taking complex marketing strategies and transforming them into fifteen seconds of clickable content.  

Making a fifteen second reel requires brevity, intentionality, and knowledge about your followers. If you can master this formula, you’ll see the rewards quickly.

Working the Algorithm

While it’s not always obvious how a video’s virality occurs, there’s one common thread: the app’s algorithm. Mastering algorithms is essential to growing a substantial social media following, as they’re the primary way content is organized and promoted internally.

If you look at “The Year on Tiktok: Top 100” you’ll see a wide variety of videos. Cranberry juice, complicated dances, and rug making may not have obvious commonality, but are united by one thing: they all went viral. If you’ve had a viral video, then you’ve managed to please an app’s algorithm, which is not an easy thing to do.

Social media algorithms are still somewhat of a mystery to users. While many have a general idea of how to promote content and the tools necessary to do so, changes and ambiguity still surround the Instagram and TikTok algorithms.

Both TikTok and Instagram promote content with high engagement. Likes, views, comments and shares boost a video’s potential and are rewarded by the algorithm. When someone shares content, businesses gain access to a new group of potential buyers and increase their social media ranking. A video worth sharing is a video that’s relatable, timely, and captivating.

The most challenging part of the algorithm is that sometimes it just requires a little bit of magic.  Videos can go viral for seemingly no reason at all, adding to the allure of what exactly algorithms look for.  

If you want to engage with your audience and build a loyal following, focus on creating content that’s authentic, truthful to your brand, and representative of your marketing strategy.  Algorithms are unreliable and erratic, so they shouldn’t be at the core planning of your content.

Views = Engagement = Monetization

Whether you’re just starting a business social media account or have been engaging online for years, there are a few things you should know. While many influencers and brands make posting seem effortless, there’s intentionality and purpose behind each post.  

#YourBrand: One of the easiest ways to reach those outside of your audience is through hashtags. Users can follow certain hashtags, as well as use them when searching for relevant content. Take a look at what hashtags are trending on the app, as well as the most popular hashtags within your niche.

Grow (with) Influence: With the rise of social media influencers comes the rise of sponsored content. One of the best ways for brands to increase their following is by working with influencers. A video in which they endorse your product or service can translate to new customers and a boost in your reputation.

If you’re not sure how to find the right influencer, check out the TikTok Creator Marketplace.  There you can see the stats and offerings of all your favorite creators. Picking the right spokesperson is just as important as the content, so make sure you find someone who can authentically and truthfully speak to the importance of your brand.

Be Strategic: One of the most important components of a post is when it hits the internet. Pay attention to when your audience is most active on social media and then time your posts during that window.  

Be Original: We’ve discussed algorithms, hashtags and how to increase your business’s reach through these two social media platforms. While there’s a lot of serious behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating a successful ad campaign, it’s important to remember that people turn to social media for entertainment. Each post should not only represent your company, but also the reason why your audience is on the app in the first place.

If you’re ready to transform your brand’s online presence and bring creative, innovative strategies to your social media, let us know. At Alloire, we believe in the importance of building engaging, unforgettable content that aligns with each brand’s values. Collaboration is at the core of our process, so schedule a conversation with us to discuss how our team of experts can revolutionize your social media and marketing strategies.

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