Video Conferencing: Remaining Relevant and Connected

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an astronomical surge in video conferencing. In March of 2020, there was a single week with 62M video conferencing app downloads. While the pandemic has increased the use of video conferencing, this industry has been emerging for over ten years. Its capability to connect individuals and provide a platform for mass usage has made it one of the most important accessibility innovations of this century.

Video conferencing is a sustainable avenue for companies and will likely continue to be used after pandemic regulations are dismissed. Stronger internet speeds and increasingly capable computers have furthered the rise of digital options, allowing users to access a network of professionals from their homes.

Pros of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has enabled companies during the pandemic, but there are many other reasons why it’s become a popular option. Utilizing the power of computers eliminates unnecessary work, as well as human error. Additional programs integrate various options to maximize efficiency and productivity. Services such as conduct call transcription, so that you’ll have a written record of all your meetings.

Conducting business in an online platform eliminates the need for travel, saving money and cutting down your carbon footprint. Unnecessary plane travel is a thing of the past, so forget business trips and instead focus on finding a spot in your house with a professional background and clear internet service.

Information is easily accessible and downloadable when shared through video conferencing. Screen sharing capabilities ensure everyone’s on the same page and moving forward with a shared mindset.

Statistics are easily gathered when using the right video conferencing software. Surveys can be sent out with the click of a button, allowing you to collect valuable data in real time. Attendance tracking and participation can help you see who’s standing apart from the rest and keep you in touch with your team.

Adding closed captioning services is an easy way to make your online office more accessible. There are multiple services that offer accurate, reliable closed captioning. Whether you’re conducting a quick meeting or holding an important online event, closed captioning is an excellent way to draw your audience in and relay important information.

Google Meet

Google Meet is a popular video conferencing software that allows for up to 100 video callers simultaneously, making it an effective way to work closely with your team, as well as reach out to a larger audience.

Google Meet allows for screen sharing, so that you can control a meeting and prepare efficiently. Invitations to your video conference can be easily sent out and synced to Google Calendar, which will organize attendees and allow for simple schedule integration.


Zoom has quickly become a leader in the video conferencing industry, as its operations are simple and its features are easy to use. Zoom is ideal for online conferences and similar events, as it allows for waiting rooms and has extensive webinar capability. If you’re looking for a software that can host both small and large audiences, Zoom might be the right choice.

Going Virtual

Video conferencing is an adjustment for many, but making the switch to a virtual format will pay off. The future of the pandemic is unpredictable and there’s no telling when returning to the office will be a viable, safe option for all. 

When using all video conferencing platforms, make sure to be in a clean, professional environment for every call. While your colleagues may only see a small portion of your background, they’ll most likely be able to hear much more. Plugging an audio source directly into your computer is an excellent way to establish a clear connection and cut back on unwanted sounds.
Effectively integrating video conferencing into the structure of your business is an essential part of remaining relevant. If you’re wanting to discuss ways to boost your success and ensure your company is keeping up with modern demands, schedule a discussion with our team at Alloire. We specialize in ensuring our clients are existing within digital spaces, while maximizing their benefits.

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