Why leveraging a marketing agency presently is more important than ever

In a brand new age of marketing, the age old question is still being asked – do I hire a marketing agency, or handle marketing myself?

In a rapidly changing and shifting marketing landscape, many companies have let in-house employees go, drastically cut marketing budgets, and are now struggling to find direction. Putting your marketing efforts on the back burner can significantly hurt your bottom line, but how do you recover from such a seismic shift?

A DIY approach

You *could* opt to DIY your marketing, but think for a minute about what that means. You’re probably already wearing a lot of hats as the head of your company, and the likelihood of having extra time to spare doing research is slim to none. Add to that, do your skills really include a marketing background? You’re good at what you do, and probably wouldn’t hand the nuts and bolts of running your entire company over to a marketing expert. But it does make sense to have experts who are good at what they do handling your marketing needs?

DIY with expert help

No problem, you’re thinking. You’ll just get some domain experts on board. Once they are up to speed, they can take over and you can go back to your executive desk. The problem with this approach is also time related – it can take months to interview and hire the right domain experts, let alone get them up to speed and handle all the back and forth required to achieve your goals. 

Outsourcing across multiple vendors

You can probably find a dozen different companies offering cut-rate services for various marketing components: social media, blogging, SEO, public relations, and community outreach. The problem with this approach is a lot of moving parts that don’t work together. With gears spinning off in all directions, you’ll end up with disjointed branding and messaging, and have to monitor each branch separately to fix mistakes and put out fires.

Full service marketing

If you’re cutting budgets on internal staff, you can re-allocate it to a full service marketing agency at a lesser overall overhead to the business. A full service team can effortlessly slide into place, working with you or assigned department heads under you to seamlessly make the transition to outside agency handling of all your marketing needs. It’s the ideal solution, since a marketing agency will be abreast of all the latest in a series of rapidly changing trends and best practices.

Introducing Alloire

Alloire works with you to develop and launch a fully formed marketing strategy. With our team solidly in place, you don’t have to micromanage or worry about presentation of your brand. We handle all of the following marketing services and more:

  • Website design and development
  • SEO and keyword research
  • Content creation and curation
  • Email marketing (with Klaviyo)
  • PPC advertising and other paid media
  • Metrics and data analysis
  • Print material design and production
  • PR and media outreach 
  • Special events
  • Sponsorships and ambassador programs

Alloire also offers options for retainer payment that include accepting equity in the form of angel investing, preferred stock, and other investment actions that align with your needs through Alloire Holdings

Are you ready to leverage the power of full service marketing? Contact us to discuss your company’s future today. 

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